In Garza County, sturdy winds with gusts close to hurricane strength of 75 miles per hour knocked over power traces and ignited fires. Strong winds knocked out power for many people and caused roof damage to some homes. The size of the haboob was fairly giant, which the National Weather service compared to regarding a picture taken again in 1935 through the height of the mud bowl in Stratford, Texas. The following section will give a short background on haboob research. Section 3 will describe the Lubbock, TX, haboob from the authors’ eyewitness account.

Wind gusts of sixty one miles per hour had been reported by the National Weather Service, which additionally said that zero visibility was skilled in elements of Lubbock. The importance of forecasting and reporting haboobs lies in the fact that the invasion of dust and particulate matter into the setting causes serious health risks that may be mitigated with sufficient superior forecasting. Couple this with the haboob’s capacity to cut back visibility; making transportation extraordinarily dangerous, forecasting these storms becomes crucial.

A timelapse video of the dust storm confirmed how the cloud covered town. The ongoing drought across Texas has contributed to the growing numbers of mud storms across this area this previous yr. The prevalence of haboobs will doubtless turn out to be widespread as drought circumstances are expected to proceed throughout Texas.

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When this downdraft of chilly air, or downburst, reaches the bottom, it blows dry, free silt and clay up from the desert, creating a wall of sediment that precedes the storm cloud. This wall of mud may be as much as 100 km broad and several kilometers in elevation. At their strongest, haboob winds often travel at 35–100 km/h (22–62 mph), they usually might strategy with little or no warning. Often rain does not seem at floor degree as it evaporates within the sizzling, dry air . The evaporation cools the speeding air even further and accelerates it.

  • Winds gusted up to 60 miles per hour based on the National Weather Service.
  • The map exhibits the route that the writer took going from simply south of Tucumcari NM to Lubbock TX. The letters a–f refer to Figure 2.
  • The subsequent time you catch Johnny Ray jammin’ on the drums, throw him a few bucks within the tip jar so he can proceed his adventures as a professional drummer AND amateur meteorologist.
  • “We have certainly had the dust right here, but a key distinction from 2011 is we didn’t actually have hardly any rain within the spring time in 2011.
  • Viewers have compared Monday’s haboob to 1 in 2011, they are similar aside from one main element.

Haboob’s are generally seen in the western United States, however are a rare sight in Texas. The video above reveals the large wall of dust barreling toward Abilene, Texas. Radar-estimated, bias-corrected 7-day rain totals ending at 7 am on 6 June 2019. The rain totals recorded by the West Texas Mesonet for June 5th could be VIEWED HERE. Winds gusted up to 60 miles per hour according to the National Weather Service. Spring Storms Rattle Metroplex, Possible Tornado Touches Down In Central Texas CitySpring is roaring in like a lion across parts of the Lone Star State.

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Strong winds, gusting from forty five to 60+ mph, pushed out forward of the road of storms. These winds had been sufficient to make the storms severe, however extra spectacular was the mud that the winds lofted. A wall of wind and dust, in the form of a haboob, rolled throughout the central and eastern South Plains and proper off the Caprock.

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They can also approach a metropolis, such as Lubbock, with little-to-no warning. In preparation for such an prevalence , eye and respiratory system protection are beneficial. Video of yesterday’s haboob in Lubbock was captured by NWSLubbock and is out there for viewing under.

This information is shared with social media, sponsorship, analytics, and different distributors or service providers. AccuWeather has every little thing you need to know concerning the weather phenomenon often known as a haboob. NWS comparing the haboob in Lubbock, Texas to the haboob through the Dust Bowl again in 1935. We are a pure-play, indie net and cell information platform with a neighborhood audience bigger than all the San Angelo TV stations, radio stations, and newspaper combined.


But although both gust fronts are evident, their signatures are slightly totally different from one another. The northern gust front reveals excessive values more or less evenly distributed whereas the gust front advancing before the thunderstorm, which we witnessed as being comprised of sand, mud, and dirt, shows blended values. It is unclear at this level if the ZDR signal signifies something specific to the haboob. The only attainable assertion one would possibly make is that the northern gust entrance could also be with little or no sand, mud, or dirt and therefore simply a gust entrance.

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